July 24th, 2011

Welcome to Island Tumble

We are a family-run gymnastics and personal training facility in Coronado, California.  We offer gymnastics classes for age 1 and up, as well as individual and small group personal fitness training to teens and adults.

Our Philosophy

We believe gymnastics is a fun building block for all sports.  We are not looking to create olympic gymnasts.  Instead we want to create a fun place to exercise and develop strength, flexibility, and power which will carry over to any sport a child chooses.  It is our love of family and exercise that drives us.  We truly feel that we are a “family gym” as we have the privilege to work with so many entire families from young kids doing gymnastics, to teenagers training for their high school sport, to parents staying active, healthy and strong. It is so rewarding to start off with a student in our gymnastics program and then see them evolve to our personal training program.